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A handbook provides employees with guidance. They can Industry Email List always go there first with questions. You clearly state what you expect from employees and what they can expect from you. In addition, it challenges you as an organization to look critically at which information has not Industry Email List yet been recorded. Especially as a smaller company you may come across a few things. For Industry Email List example, the regulations for dealing with undesirable behavior or an important subject such as cyber security : has this already been thought about? Everyone contributes Do you want to enthuse and motivate everyone to use the manual? 

Then involve your colleagues in the process! You can Industry Email List do this, for example, by discovering in advance what information is needed among employees, in the form of a survey or brainstorming sessions. But also by asking employees to submit documents in which they have Industry Email List expertise. Or to tell something about themselves or their department, because there will be a place for each person in the handbook. In this way you let everyone within your organization contribute, which Industry Email List only increases the curiosity about the end product and (hopefully) increases the motivation to keep the manual alive within the organization. 

It doesn't have to be boring Cyber security, leave Industry Email List arrangements it sounds like a heavy burden. But you don't have to bring it that way. You can turn it into something lively, as opposed to a lengthy PDF document with a lot of text. That means: play with the tone of voice Industry Email List and image, see where image can have an added value and perhaps most importantly: keep it  Industry Email List light! A joke here and there is fine (as long as it fits the values and company culture). In addition to playing with images and text, you can also think about the form of the manual. 

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